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Behaviour management advice and tips

Here is a list of ideas and links to websites to help improve behaviour management within the learning environment.

Posted: 08/03/2022

Category:Working in Schools

  • Education Support Partnership has provided a resource which recommends behaviour management strategies. 
  • Look at the school’s behaviour policy. The children need repetition with discipline so therefore you need to discipline a child in the same way that their classroom teacher does.
  • Observe the classroom teacher to see how she / he disciplines the class that you will be working with. Get tips and advice from them so that you know what works and what doesn’t.
  • The learning environment needs to be inviting and relaxed. The child needs to feel comfortable. (Open windows for fresh air, or try to take a class outside, depending on weather!).
  • Positive reinforcement, never put a child down; always try to find something to praise them for. (Even if it is listening to you for the third time of asking!!).
  • Give relevance to your lessons. Children need to know what and why they are learning something and the purpose of it. (This could be a final performance).
  • When trying to get children to listen try not to raise your voice. Try different ways of getting their attention;

    Hands on your head, children observe and copy.

    ‘Simon Says’ – e.g. Simon says hand on your lips, Simon says sit on your bottom, Simon says quietly find yourself a partner and then sit in a space…

    Having a musical instrument, shaking a tambourine in a circle and when you sto shaking the children should be quiet and facing you.

    Getting children to show you 10 fingers, 8 fingers and so on (children wriggle their fingers above their heads, so they will not be fiddling with anything).

If you find that your best efforts are not working then do not be afraid to ask for help!

More strategies are available here.

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