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Arts Council Bridge Organisations

The Arts Council invests £10m a year in a network of ten Bridge delivery organisations which provide a direct bridge between the work of arts organisations and schools and communities.

Posted: 09/07/2011

Category:Bridge Network

These Bridge delivery organisations connect the cultural sector and education sector so that children & young people can have access to great art and cultural opportunities. The network builds up and exploits regional knowledge of opportunities where children and young people can engage with the arts both in and out of school and use their expertise to practically support arts organisations, schools and other cultural partners to work together and enhance the lives of their communities. They also help schools gain Artsmark and organisations to deliver Arts Award. 

 The ten organisations (one in each region) are as follows:

More information about Bridge Organisations and Arts Council England’s ‘Cultural Education Challenge’ initiative, of which they are part, can be found on the Arts Council’s website.

Lewisham Education Arts Network is interested in hearing your views about the Bridge network. Please contact Jane Hendrie with any comments.


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