Arts Engaged Teachers

LEAN is always ready to support teachers and schools staff to bring more creativity into the classroom. We work closely with teachers and staff from early years to further education and SEND settings and are keen to continuously spotlight the brilliant creative work already taking place in Lewisham’s educational settings.

LEAN can:

  • offer advice and guidance to teachers and early years professionals wanting to develop creative projects in their schools and settings (or in collaboration with other settings/sectors)
  • help to introduce teaching staff to freelance artists and creative professionals who may be interested in working in schools
  • spotlight free, low cost or heavily subsidised creative projects offered by local, regional and national arts organisations
  • create opportunities for arts engaged teachers to come together to network and share learning
  • celebrate creative work taking place in an educational sector by re-sharing stories on our social media, amplifying their reach in the borough and beyond


Cultural Connectors Network

As the education partner for Borough of Culture 2022, LEAN is working on behalf of schools, early years and all educational settings to ensure they hear about opportunities to engage in creative activity and that the views of Lewisham’s educational sector are fed back and used to inform the Borough of Culture programme. We distributed Borough of Culture opportunities for education settings through our Cultural Connector programme. In legacy of that programme, we continue to send out regular newsletters to our Cultural connectors on news and opportunities related to education engaging with art. The Cultural Connectors network is open to members of school staff, childminders or Governors to join at any time.

Click here for more information and to sign up.


One to One Surgeries

As a local teacher, early years professional or childminder you might want to discuss something in-depth. Perhaps you want to know more about the borough, find out who else is doing similar things, hear about local funding opportunities, update your knowledge of evaluation and find out what schools are doing? Book a surgery if you want to discuss any of these topics or more. These one-hour meetings are for those living and/or working in Lewisham. To be eligible, please join the network – free and quick! Once you have joined your account explains how to book a surgery.

"Just to say a huge thanks ... I am looking forward to progressing with this project thanks to your support, advice and guidance"

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