Arts Project Managers and Producers

LEAN creates opportunities for participatory arts project managers and producers to come together to take action for young people in the borough of Lewisham. We facilitate networking, broker partnerships and shout about your work.


LEAN facilitates space for Arts Participatory Project Managers and Producers to meet each other, share practice, collaborate, stay up to date with what is going on in the borough that affects children and young people and meet specialists who work with children and young people from different sectors.

LEAN facilitates regular Lewisham Youth Arts Network (YAN) meetings. If you would like to join the youth arts network please sign up to the LEAN network here. You do not need to have a public profile if you would prefer not to. In addition, please email Julia Ravenscroft so you are told about YAN meetings and are invited to add your activities to our termly youth arts bulletins.

We are a founder member, with Deptford X, APT and Goldsmiths CCA , of Lewisham Visual Arts Network (LVAN). The network comprises of galleries, studio groups and participatory visual arts organisations. Email Jane Hendrie if you would like to join LVAN.

One to One Surgeries

As a local Arts Participatory Project Manager or Producer, you might want to discuss something in-depth. Perhaps you want to know more about the borough, find out who else is doing similar things, hear about local funding opportunities, update your knowledge of evaluation and find out what schools are doing? Book a surgery if you want to discuss any of these topics or more. These one-hour meetings are for those living and/or working in Lewisham. To be eligible, please join the network – free and quick! Once you have joined your account explains how to book a surgery.

Brokering partnerships

LEAN can help you to reach those who can accelerate your project planning. Talk to us about who you need to connect to and we can make an introduction.

"Just to say a huge thanks ... I am looking forward to progressing with this project thanks to your support, advice and guidance"

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