“What do you pack for the rest of your life?”

To mark the end of 2014 Creativity and Wellbeing Week, Lionel Shriver (author) and Deborah Bowman (ethicist) will be in conversation at Tate Modern

Date: 29/05/2024 – 29/05/2024


novelist and journalist Lionel Shriver will be joined by ethicist
Deborah Bowman to explore the connections between creativity and
wellbeing in a fascinating evening drawing together the worlds of health
and the arts with conversation and readings.

Shriver’s work has
often addressed thorny questions with a public health dimension: How
much money is a single life worth? Are killers born or made? And why are
we getting so fat? Her novels include Big Brother, So Much for That,
The Post-Birthday World and We Need to Talk About Kevin, which won the
Orange Prize for Fiction and was successfully adapted into a film.
Shriver will give a couple of readings from her novels and discuss the
issues that underpin her work.

Professor Deborah Bowman, is the
Professor of Bioethics, Clinical Ethics and Medical Law at St. George’s,
University of London. She has an active interest in the ways that the
arts and humanities can be used to foster ethical awareness and support
learning – especially in clinical settings.

This evening promises
to be a fascinating opportunity to examine the relationship between the
arts and health, to look at the ways the arts can inform our approach
to health and consider creative ways of improving wellbeing. Concluding
with a question and answer session followed by refreshments and the
opportunity to meet professionals working in the field of arts in
health, the evening promises to be a fantastic finale to the 2014
Creativity and Wellbeing Week.

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