Vasudhaiva Ride in a story-sharing event

Interesting FREE event at Goldsmiths on 22 May to hear about direct-action projects carried out alongside communities and organisations from India to Scotland since 2017 by Kumar Prashant, upcycling artist and Ben Reid-Howells, community organiser.

Date: 18/06/2024 – 18/06/2024


The cofounders of the Vasudhaiva Ride have focussed on hard-skills training,
organisational capacity building, and resilient design. Their
award-winning projects are based on the models of community-led
processes that they have been developing alongside farmers in Bihar,
artists in Kyrgyzstan and asylum seekers in the refugee camps of Lesvos.

The Centre for language, culture and learning will be hosting
Vasudhaiva Ride in a story-sharing event on their journey so far. The
event is free for all to attend, and further information on the project
can be found here: http://www.vasudhaivaride.com

Programme for the event

Main talk (5.00 – 6.00 pm) – Story sharing of Vasudhaiva’s
major projects from India to the UK highlighting the following themes
with tangible examples:

  • Resilience: how vulnerable communities can become resilient communities
  • Tangible steps to genuine grassroots, community-led projects (breaking down colonialist frameworks of aid/development)
  • The importance of stepping out of academia to engage in local issues with a global context

 Open Space session (6.00 – 7.00 pm)

More information and booking can befound here.

"Just to say a huge thanks ... I am looking forward to progressing with this project thanks to your support, advice and guidance"

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