The education problem: or, how art schools could encourage more diverse ways to be an artist

Fifth talk as part of System Failure from Artquest will look at art schools, and asks if they promote to narrow a vision of what a visual artist's career is like.

Date: 21/06/2024 – 21/06/2024


Wednesday 2 December, 6-8pm
Venue: Block 336, 336 Brixton Road, London SW9 7AA
Tickets £7, online booking open

With Soraya Rodriguez and Doug Fishbone.

Part of the System Failure talks series, Nov-Dec 2015

Art schools have long had a problem with professional development, with
debates still ongoing as to whether art school is to allow a focus
solely on practice, or if art schools also have a duty to prepare
artists for professional life. Even where professional development
exists, it tends to focus on the work of being an artist to the
exclusion of all the other jobs that the art world provides – and
dismisses any discussion on the hard facts of how artists need a
portfolio of income generation including, often, a job, alongside
grants, awards, and prizes. Its model of artistic practice has been
challenged as being too focussed on an outdated version of how artists
operate: focussing on exhibitions in galleries instead of more
contemporary currents in practice like live art and socially engaged

Higher education is not immune to the Governemnt’s reforming zeal, with employment targets now with an enforced place on each art school website.
And most tutors now recognise that, with £9,000 annual fees, they have a
reponsibility to their students to inform them of the practical and
financial elements of art practice.

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