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The engage International Conference 2016 will explore how issues of access and activism impact on gallery and visual arts approaches to education and outreach.

Date: 24/05/2024 – 24/05/2024


Whose Art? Our Art!
Access and Activism in Gallery Education

The 2016 engage International Conference
Liverpool Hope University & venues across Liverpool

13 & 14 October; Fringe 12, 13 & 15 October 

The engage International Conference 2016 will explore how issues of access and activism impact on gallery and visual arts approaches to education and outreach.

Taking place in Liverpool, a city renowned for its radicalism and creativity, at the time of the Liverpool Biennial, this year’s Conference programme will have a strong focus on arts activism – how it has changed not only society’s response to art, but also how it has irrevocably altered the way in which the arts world now engages with society at large.

Conference will consider the exciting methods of engagement which have developed from the early days of activism, examples of how intervention achieves its aims and the ways in which the arts can create value in contemporary society. It will examine how the arts can effectively engage with schools and ask if the curricula, or styles of interaction need to change. A discussion about how best to provide sustainable careers for artists will bring the two days of interaction and conversation to a close.Conference will explore four key themes:
Arts Activism
What is arts activism in 2016? Would early activists recognise it today? What is it trying to achieve? Can the arts learn from other forms of activism?

Accessible Arts and Social Cohesion 
What does accessible mean? Who decides the arts offer? How can the arts improve social cohesion? Why do the arts achieve when others fail?

A Re-definition of Education
Who is best placed to define arts education? Where does art stand within education? Can the arts offer a curriculum for life? Inspire or test?

Sustainable Careers
How can young people be supported to achieve sustainable careers in the arts and creative sector?

Local, national and international speakers will bring a range of perspectives, engaging delegates in lively discussion and debate through presentations and panel discussions. Breakout Sessions will enable delegates to focus on aspects of the Conference themes in more detail, through case studies, practice and skill sharing.

Contributors will include…
Rabab Ghazoul, Visual Artist will share how she negotiates the realm of the political and why the ‘public’ realm – the realm of people – is her primary context.

Jeanie Scott, Executive Director, a-n will share key findings of the Artists’ Livelihood project – hot off the press.

Bryan Biggs, Artist & Artistic Director/Project Director, Bluecoat will talk about how Bluecoat provides a space where creativity flourishes and is a shared experience.

Mike Fairclough, Headteacher, West Rise Junior School on why Room 13, Shine Radio Station, artists in residence, a Bronze Age village and water buffalo are part of his pupils’ unique experience.

Kenn Taylor, Writer, Journalist & Head of Participation, The Tetley will explore socially engaged practice in postindustrial areas of Detroit, Chicago – and Leeds.

Rebecca Ross-Williams, Theatre and Community Director, Liverpool Everyman and Playhouse will discuss how her interest in using the arts to create change in social settings resulted in an exciting project working with young offenders.

Steffan Jones-Hughes, Visual Artist & Director, Oriel Wrecsam will propose the community is the gallery – reflecting on how to work without a venue.

Nina Edge, Artist will discuss the aims and impacts of her work, renowned for successful engagement with local audiences.

Evening Event: Day One will close with a Delegate Soapbox session; networking; and the Marsh Awards for Excellence in Gallery Education.

Fringe: Delegates can also participate in an exciting Fringe programme of visits, tours, talks and satellite events showcasing visual arts and culture in and around Liverpool.

Partners: engage is grateful to its partners, including Liverpool Hope University, LARC, Tate Liverpool and Bluecoat for their support of the 2016 Conference.

Conference tickets:
include evening event on 13 October & lunches/
refreshments on 13 & 14 October.
– engage Personal Members: £165 / £145 early bird*
– engage Organisational Members: £285 / £245 early bird*
– Non-Members of engage**: £410 / £360 early bird*
* If booked by 5pm Tuesday 26 July 2016.
** engage members receive discounts on Conference tickets, as well as other benefits. Membership must be current at the time of the event in order to receive discounted members rates. Membership starts from £34, visit www.engage.org/join for information.

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