Shaping the Future through Design

Times are tough, yet some businesses are enjoying their best year ever. So what separates those that prosper from the many that struggle?

Date: 22/05/2024 – 22/05/2024


This event will provide an opportunity to hear from businesses that have used Design Thinking to drive innovation. An expert industry panel will explore how design-led businesses exploit trend forecasting, forms of research such as social science, and new technologies such as social media, to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

We will also introduce you to the latest funding initiatives giving you access to experts and resources at Goldsmiths. We will explain what these funds can be used for and how you can apply for them.

Why you should attend:


  • Be inspired by the panel’s vision for developing successful studios and businesses in London and internationally, and identify practical applications for these ideas.
  • Have the opportunity to discuss your own ideas, and interact with our expert panel, other business owners and specialists from Goldsmiths.
  • Find out how you can use current funding opportunities to develop Design Thinking and create a step change in your business.
  • Find out how your business, charity or research organisation can work with Goldsmiths to improve business, society and the environment.
  • Develop your business network in this dynamic sector.


We are expecting guests from a variety of industry sectors including creative industries, professional services, charities, social enterprise, IT, marketing, media, property, leisure and tourism, recruitment and training, transport and logistics and importers and exporters.

We look forward to meeting you and of course there will be delicious food and wine served throughout the evening.


"Just to say a huge thanks ... I am looking forward to progressing with this project thanks to your support, advice and guidance"

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