Picturehouse Education Summer Term Film Programme

Picturehouse Education have announced their summer term film programme at Greenwich Picturehouse. Bookings must be made by Friday May 4.

Date: 17/06/2024 – 17/06/2024



A season of films exploring our changing environment


A spectacular animation following the adventures of Sammy the sea turtle as he searches the ocean for his one true love. During the epic journey which all turtles must accomplish before returning to the beach where they were born, Sammy dodges every possible danger; he battles with piranhas, escapes a fish eagle and searches for a mysterious secret passage, in the hope of meeting Shelly again. Throughout this fifty-year voyage we see the effects of global warming take their toll on the oceans though Sammy’s eyes.

+ Discussion with an Environmental Expert!

Year: 2011 / Film length: 85 min + 20 min discussion

Age: Y1, 2, 3 KS1&2

Subjects: Science, Literacy, Geography, Citizenship, Art & Design, Music, Drama

Tickets: £2.50 per child (see HOW TO BOOK below)

Please book before 4pm FRIDAY 4 MAY

Fri 18 May – Greenwich Picturehouse @ 10am


Each winter, alone in the pitiless ice deserts of Antarctica, a truly remarkable journey takes place as it has done for millennia. Emperor penguins in their thousands abandon the deep blue security of their ocean home and clamber onto the frozen ice and journey into a region so bleak, so extreme, it supports no other wildlife at this time of year. Compelling narration weaves science and legend together artfully to create a film that will enthrall and educate in equal measures, supporting the teaching and learning of science, environment, animals and habitat topics.

+ Discussion with an Environmental Expert!

Year: 2006 / Film length: 105 min + 20 min discussion

Age: Y2 – Y4

Subjects: Literacy, Science, Citizenship, Geography.

Tickets: £2.50 per child (see HOW TO BOOK below)

Please book before 4pm FRIDAY 4 MAY

Weds 23 May- Greenwich Picturehouse @ 10am


Friday 18 May, 10.30am at your local Picturehouse!

Extra screenings on Weds 23 May 10.30am by advance request.

Please book for either date before 4pm FRIDAY 4 MAY

Telling of the rise of the sharp-suited Bugsy Malone and the battle for power between Fat Sam and Dandy Dan, this Chicago-set gangster movie is a classic of the genre with one big twist – all the gangsters are children and the gang wars are fought not with bullets but with ‘splat guns’ that cover the victims in cream.

Ok, it won’t end up in a custard pie fight, but let your students let down their hair after their exam stress with a screening of the fabulous BUGSY MALONE!

Tickets: £2.50 per child (see HOW TO BOOK below)


From Friday 6 July

As usual Picturehouse will be helping you celebrate the wind down of the school year with a selection of films!

Come along to your local Picturehouse cinema from Friday 6 July up until the last day of term, when we be showing daily 10am and 10.30am screenings of recent children’s hit movies! Tickets are £2.50 per pupil.


Have you ever wondered why some films are rated U and some PG? What makes a 12A? Who decides?

Come along to clip and discussion based cinema workshops hosted by a British Board of Film Certification examiner. Find out the background info on such things as: many films a day the BBFC have to view, the process of classifying a film, which films have proved the most surprisingly controversial, and get a flavour of the history of the BBFC’s 100 years of film classification plus much more!

This event is expected to last 90 mins.

Tickets: £2.50 per child (see HOW TO BOOK below)

Wed 13 June- Greenwich Picturehouse @ 10am

For creative kids who love films here’s the chance to see their art displayed in cinemas across the country! As part of the BBFC’s centenary they are offering children the chance to design a new BBFC black card – entries have to be in before the end of April. Find out more here: http://www.cbbfc.co.uk/blackCardCompetition.asp

Find out more about the BBFC and have a go with their games for children here: http://www.cbbfc.co.uk/


Ticket prices for the EDUCATIONAL EVENTS PROGRAMME are £2.50 per child. There is no minimum booking.

Tickets for PRIVATE SCREENINGS are £3.50 per child for a minimum of 50 children. For a group of fewer than 50 pupils it costs £175 flat rate.

Accompanying adults are admitted for free.

To book please send an email to Leah Byrne or Elinor Walpole stating:

  • The Film you wish to see
  • The Cinema you’d like to visit
  • How many Children you’d like to bring
  • How many Adults you’d like to bring (we don’t charge for adults but we need to know how many are coming so that we can reserve their seats!)
  • Whether there are any access requirements that we need to be aware of
  • If you are booking for a PRIVATE SCREENING of a film on request please also state the dates you’d like in order of preference

"Just to say a huge thanks ... I am looking forward to progressing with this project thanks to your support, advice and guidance"

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