LEAN is delivering a workshop and talk at SURVIVE OR THRIVE

A season of artist talks and wellness workshops exploring opportunities for creatives to sustain their careers and continue their craft.

Date: 18/05/2024 – 18/05/2024


We Take Up Space asks the question: ‘Can creatives
thrive in the arts and well-being sector’?
with a series of talks and workshops from 8th – 20th March 2016 at The Platform, 2 Ridgeway Road, London, SW9 7AH.

Jane Hendrie and Elizabeth Murton, Lewisham Education and Arts Network (LEAN),
 on 15 March 2016 to discuss SPARC: an arts and resilience community of practice in Lewisham,
funded by Lewisham HeadStart.

“SPARC aims to increase artists’
ability to apply resilience and emotional literacy practice to their arts practice,
and effectively measure the impact of this work with children and young
people (10-14yrs)”

This will be an active session where you will be
introduced to the resilience framework (created by BoingBoing) and
how resilience is understood in current academic research.

You will be given the chance to think about how your arts
participatory work might build resilience in the children and young people you
work with and you will leave with a list of ideas to consider in relation to
your practice.

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"Just to say a huge thanks ... I am looking forward to progressing with this project thanks to your support, advice and guidance"

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