Introduction to Autism: EYFS workshop

Early Years workshop - An introduction to Social Communication Difficulties, including Autism. For School and nursery staff and childminders.

Date: 20/05/2024 – 20/05/2024


This is full day session encompasses ‘What is ASD?’ parts 1 and 2 and also a more in depth afternoon session including ‘Thinking about communication and behaviour’.

This session will include an opportunity to spend time thinking about individual children and the impact of strategies etc. on their development.

Opportunities to look at a range of resources and activities will also be offered.

‘What is ASD?’ parts 1 and 2

Provides an introduction to social communication difficulties, including Autistic Spectrum Disorder, and how staff and childminders can support communication and interaction in children under 5years old. 

This focusses on social communication difficulties in the under 5s and will offer a range of positive strategies to support the development of these skills.

This  will include a description of the new diagnostic criteria, what difficulties you may see children presenting with in your environment and a range of ideas on how to support children with or without a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder (ASD). 

Trainers: Emma Donovan-Brown, Anna Withers and Tracey Chamberlain –

Drumbeat Outreach Early Years Team

Drumbeat Outreach

Drumbeat Brockley
Revelon Road

"Just to say a huge thanks ... I am looking forward to progressing with this project thanks to your support, advice and guidance"

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