How to use text and images to add impact to your business communication, NX Hub x Goldsmiths

Practical guidance on how to harness the elements we use to create meaning in your marketing, advertising and digital communication.
Date: 23rd March 2021
Cost: FREE

Date: 22/05/2024 – 22/05/2024



This workshop is a masterclass in
understanding multimodal communication – with practical guidance on how
to harness text, images and the other elements we use to create meaning,
focusing on marketing, advertising and digital communication.


messages we see all around us are made up of different communicative
modes – not just text but many other elements such as image and sound.

the same time, message making is becoming more sophisticated due to the
ubiquity of technology and changes in how we communicate. Decoding
these messages has never been more complex for audiences.In this
workshop, we will explore the role that different communicative modes
perform in a piece of communication and start to understand how we are
being ‘positioned’ as recipients. This will allow us to consider the
different people and agendas involved and how we can work with and
against these influences in our own messaging. You will leave with a
better understanding of multimodal messaging and equipped with tools to
help you develop the impact of your own communication. We would
encourage participants to bring examples from their own professional
context to reflect on and draw on during the session.


The workshop will:

raise participants’ understanding of how meaning is created in
marketing and advertising messages through the relationship between
different communicative modes (for example: text, images and sound).

encourage participants to engage more critically and consciously with
the messages they encounter by demonstrating how multimodal analysis can
reveal deeper ideologies.

• Help participants to reflect on and
improve their own messaging through hands-on analysis, case studies and
guidance from experts.


Dr. Clare Anderson combines
work in both academic and business domains. She is a lecturer at
Goldsmiths, specialising in language and gender and intercultural
discourse and communication and is also Assistant Editor on the journal
‘Discourse, Context & Media’. Her research interests focus on gender
and ageing, and her first book Discourses of Ageing and Gender was
published in 2019. Clare takes a passion for language analysis into the
wider world through her consultancy business Bold Leap Consulting Ltd,
applying discourse analytical techniques to a range of ‘real world’
communication problems, working with companies, brands teams, and
individuals. Recent clients include Saga, The Alzheimers Society,
American Express and HMRC.

Dr Alexander Laffer
is a lecturer and research and editorial consultant. His academic
research combines discourse analysis and literary linguistics. He is
currently exploring the interaction between digital fiction and empathy
and contributing to a project on personal data and digital privacy. He
has taught modules in digital media discourse, professional
communication, sociolinguistics and discourse and society.

As a consultant, he designs and delivers projects focusing on
communications and audience perception. Recent clients have included
Southbank Centre (the UK’s largest cultural institution).

About the Organisers

This series is
brought to you by NX Hub at Goldsmiths, University of London, and EY
Foundation, as part of a collaboration to engage SME’s in Lewisham and
SE London to support young people into work.

EY Foundation are an
organisation devoted to helping young people form low-income
backgrounds develop the skills, experiences and support they need to
create essential career opportunities. More information about the
charity can be found here: https://www.ey.com/en_uk/corporate-responsibility/ey-foundation


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