Go&See visit to Storysacks Library at a local primary school

Thu, 01/10/2015 - 09:50 - 11:00

Come and join Myatt Garden's Storysack Librarian to find out more

Photograph thanks to Storysacks Library

Myatt Garden Primary School's spectacular Storysacks Library was launched in 2003. It contains over 120 Storysacks, handmade by parents, staff and children, in a mammoth 18 month project. Over the last 12 years each Reception child has taken home a Storysack once a week - it contains a storybook, related information book, toy characters or dressing up clothes, a game, and a 'Parent Prompt' card (suggested questions and conversations to have about the story). This fabulous resource is also used in school by teachers and LSA's.  Visit our Storysacks website to find out more!


Eventbrite - Go&See visit to Myatt Garden Storysacks Library

Lisa was a parent and took over as Librarian 8 years ago, and in 2009 led a school project to make 20 more Storysacks for fairytale stories eg. Cinderella, Emperor's New Clothes etc; each class made one and a small group of parents made another six.

The purpose of the Storysacks scheme for Reception children at Myatt Garden is to encourage parents to participate in their child's learning - by talking, having fun sharing stories, factual information and games. Teachers and LSA's also use them in school.

Come and join Myatt Garden's Storysack Librarian Lisa for an informal chat and:
-Have an introduction to the Story Sacks Scheme
-Find out what they have learned, helping schools and community groups to make their own Storysacks library
-See the library and different story sacks

This is part of the Rainbow Collective's Go&See sessions, a free opportunity for those who live/work in Lewisham to share effective arts practice with young children.

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