Do you see what I see? Visual Arts for Health Care Professional

Linda Friedlaender, Yale Center for British Art talks about Enhancing Observational Skills, a required program for all first year medical students.

Date: 29/05/2024 – 29/05/2024


Linda Friedlaender is Senior Curator of Education at the Yale Center for British Art, which houses the largest collection of British art and culture outside the United Kingdom. She co-created Enhancing Observational Skills, a required program for all first year medical students. 

Learning objectives for this observational skills workshop in the
museum are to enhance clinicians’ observational skills, to help them
learn to carefully observe and describe details in paintings in an
objective manner without concomitant interpretation, and to usethis
objective information to form conclusions about what is happening in
the painting. The hope is that this will alert clinicians to the
potential tendency to self-select observations, categorize too easily,
and ignore conflicting cues.
Can we accelerate the process of observing and diagnosing when we educate students so that they are able to notice and recognise in the same way as qualified experienced clinicians?
If students could learn to articulate what was implicit and make it explicit, could we speed students’ acclimation to working in clinical settings and improve their observation and analysis?
Who should attend?
Students and clinicians from medicine, nursing, psychology, occupational and physical therapy, the art therapies and gallery and museum staff.
There is no cost for the workshop but seats are limited and pre-registration is required.
Please complete the following information and send with the subject line “RA/Yale Workshop” to viv.cousins@canterbury.ac.uk

Please send your name, organizational affiliation and email address. The deadline for registration is 23 October 2015.For more information see attachment

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