Bridging the gap between Arts and Play CONFERENCE, Arts Play Health Community


Bridging the gap between Arts and Play for Health and Wellbeing in Research, Policy and Practice 


Date: the week of 15th February 2021

Cost: Not currently available

Date: 22/05/2024 – 22/05/2024



Over the last decade there has been a burgeoning interest in the benefit of arts and play for our health and wellbeing. However, despite evidence that shows the arts and play to have close connections in how they contribute to and achieve health outcomes for children and adults, there has been a dearth of action to encourage knowledge-exchange between these fields or to understand how the processes across these interventions may be similar. This conference aims to address this gap, encouraging shared learning and asking critical questions that will support us to move forward in arts and play with new-found insight. 
This conference will include: 
• Keynote presentations from Dr Rosie Perkins and Dr. Wendy Russell.
• Creative workshops, lectures, and poster presentations.
• Creative ‘energiser’ sessions led by arts and play practitioners.
• Arts and play materials to creatively express your response to the conference.
• A panel session about opportunities across the arts and play sectors.
• A ‘world café’ to explore the intersections of play and art, and to foster connections, particularly between researchers and practitioners. 
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