Beyond Glorious: the radical in engaged artistic practices

What is the place of art in acts of social re-imagination and repair?  Is it possible to break new ground within the realm of engaged artistic practices?  What languages can be found to articulate such practices?

Date: 20/05/2024 – 20/05/2024


‘Beyond Glorious: the radical in engaged artistic practices, aims to bring together people from different spheres of life to discuss and experience the meanings, methods and effects of art in relation to engaged and radical practices. We are keen to explore the potential of engaged artistic practices, not in terms of a reductive understanding of the ‘efficacy’ of art in the world, but as a complicating, delicate, nuanced, uneasy journey towards new ways of thinking.

The symposium consists of panel discussions, screenings, workshops, guided walks and other artist interventions.

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