A Briefing on Violence Affecting Young People

Join Peabody's The Young People's Fund to learn more about how we can address and prevent violence affecting young people.

Date: 22/05/2024 – 22/05/2024


‘The Young People’s Fund Presents: A Briefing on Violence Affecting Young People’ is for organisations applying for The Young People’s Fund, organisations that work in partnership and are interested in working in partnership with a Housing Associations’ Youth Network (HAYN) member (including Peabody), and organisations that respond to violence affecting young people.

Guest speaker Leah Uwaibi, HAYN VAYP Project Manager for Clarion Housing Group, will be joining us to help further understanding of the causes of violence affecting young people across the Voluntary Community Sector and of the effective responses to this violence.

We will also be offering support to partners and applicants of our grant funding and answering any further questions on YPF applications.

This will be a hybrid event that people can join in person or via Zoom. Book here. 

About The Young People’s Fund

For the second year, Peabody Community Foundation (PCF) is offering the Young People’s Fund to support grassroots community groups who are putting youth voice at the centre of their work to tackle violence affecting young people.

Peabody have worked with young people aged 11-25 across London to develop a fund which is designed by, owned by and for the benefit of young people. These consultations led to the development of The Young People’s Fund.

Peabody will be awarding grants ranging from £3,000 to £10,000 to organisations working with young Peabody residents and the wider community to address the issue of violence affecting young people in the boroughs of Westminster, Southwark, Waltham Forest, Lambeth and Hackney. Young people must meaningfully participate in the development and design of the project or service that will respond to the issue of violence affecting young people.

Peabody will be holding this event in cooperation with LCF and our young people panel.

"Just to say a huge thanks ... I am looking forward to progressing with this project thanks to your support, advice and guidance"

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