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Here is a list of the current continuing professional development courses. Please click on a course to see the full details.
Developing an effective fundraising strategy requires a methodical approach, a sound knowledge of how fundraising works and an honest evaluation of your organisation’s position. We’ll be walking you through a comprehensive process for developing a smarter and more focused strategy, and sharing a number of powerful decision-making techniques.
16/11/2021 - 17/11/2021

Exploring the value of arts and culture for families, and how the sector can recover, re-build and refocus post-pandemic

The UK’s largest family arts and culture conference goes online, exploring the value of family engagement and how we can communicate that value to families, funders and the wider cultural sector.

Family Arts Campaign invites you for two days of information-rich sessions, lively discussion and energising key-notes. Connect with arts professionals from your region and across the UK, learn from peers making a big impact, and be inspired by the creativity and resilience of the arts and cultural sector.


This in-person training workshop will be full of inspiration and ideas to incorporate a more diverse teaching practice into your classroom or education practice. Our OG Youth Collective will attend some of the session to share their thoughts and show us round the new exhibition.

24/01/2022 - 25/01/2022

The two-day youth mental health first aid training course gives attendees the skills to become youth mental health first aiders. Attendees will get a deep understanding of what mental health is and what factors can affect wellbeing. The course teaches delegates practical skills to spot the signs of mental illness and gives them the confidence to step in and support a young person who needs assistance. This course is licensed by and offered in partnership with Mental Health First Aid England.