Lewisham's Arts and Resilience Toolkit

Lewisham's Arts and Resilience Community of Practice compiled a Toolkit for those who are interested in how arts practice can build resilience in young people. Image created by Tea Dance for Little People/Creative Homes

Please find the Toolkit attached as a PDF to this page below.

The Arts and Resilience Community of Practice (CoP):

LEAN responded to the call as part of Lewisham’s HeadStart Innovation Fund and secured funding to develop Lewisham’s Arts and Resilience Community of Practice CoP. 

The CoP was for anyone locally working with young people, using the arts and interested in building resilience in young people.

Starting with a symposium in July 2015, The CoP met a further 6 times between September 2015 and July 2016. The content of the meetings was driven by requests from the group and this Toolkit is a result of these activities. 


How to use the Toolkit:

This toolkit is best used

  • As part of wider research
  • In conjunction with your own organisational/individual Safeguarding and other policies
  • In conversation with partners, collaborators, other practitioners you are working with

We hope this toolkit moves us towards finding a common language across sectors, helps with funding and is useful to arts practitioners and organisations to help develop and reflect on resilient practice, as part of their wider research.

It will be available on the LEAN website to download in sections or as a whole document. We will be open to ideas and feedback and see it as an evolving tool.

We understand that people will be at different levels of experience, knowledge and practice and we hope there is something useful for everyone.


What's Next?

LEAN is hoping this becomes a document owned by the community that use it, and that it will continue to evolve alongside research into arts and resilience.

How you can help or be involved:

  • Suggest ideas and new resources
  • Send in new research or writing on the topic
  • Contribute a case study of your own work
  • Contribute a chapter
  • Volunteer to create a wiki page or similar
  • Create your own community of practice to discuss resilience (and remember to invite us)

Within LEAN’s limited capacity as a small charity, it will periodically review the document in line with comments and suggestions and edit it as appropriate.

Please email jane@leanarts.org.uk with comments, suggestions and offers to contribute.


Toolkit Contents:

  1. Introduction

1.1.   Background

1.2.   How to use this toolkit

  1. What is resilience?

2.1.   Definitions

2.2.   Resilience Framework and BoingBoing

2.3.   Practitioner resilience

  1. Tools

3.1.   Arts and Resilience Toolkit Grid

3.2.   Who are you working with? Understanding the Group

3.3.   Train Track of Co-Production

3.4.   Evaluation

  1. Resources

4.1.   Online Resources

  1. Conclusion

5.1.   Conclusions

5.2.   Next Steps

5.3.   Editors Thanks

5.4.   Disclaimer




Toolkit PDF, Version 1 Oct 2017

Additional resource list:  Arts, health and wellbeing resources, complied by Helen Shearn, Arts with thanks to NEF and the Cultural Commissioning Programme