Lewisham Early Years Arts Symposium

Information from our Early Years Symposium which took place in December 2013

The Rainbow Collective Early Years Arts Symposium took place on December 4th 2013 at The Greenman, Bromley Road.

The event consisted of creative activities, networking, a keynote on creativity and early years and a chance for participants to develop ideas for creative projects. The keynote speaker was Linda Pound, early years consultant and author who throughout her working life has been committed to improving the quality of provision for young children and their families. 

This specialist event for Lewisham attracted over 30 people including teachers, early years practitioners, early years managers, arts practitioners and facilitators, librarians and cultural organisations.

You can watch a short video of the event filmed by Laura Barbier here and visual notes of the event taken by artist Caroline Underwood can be found on this page. 

Feedback from participants:

‘Good to share different ideas’


‘Linda was a very inspiring practitioner and the chance to play and create is always fun’

What will you take away with you?

‘Creativity must be at the heart of my work’

 ‘How import[ant] it is for children to be allowed time to be artistic and creative through play!’

_ _ _

Thank you to Linda Pound for her keynote and creative activity; Caroline Underwood for visual note taking; Lara Barbier for the film; Sally Anne Donaldson for running the Come Together making game; Sam Everson and Jo Cooper for helping on the day and John McMahon for note taking.